the one with the blue coat

A/W – fashion is my absolute favourite. Layering, cosy jumpers and boots make my little heart beat faster and so did this long, pale blue coat. I was on the hunt for a piece like that and when I was thrilled when I found it! It makes for a great statement piece without being too flashy and that’s what I adore about it. See how I styled it!
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the one straight outta university

O autumn! My autumn! This past week has been so wonderfully sunny and although it was been rather dark in the morning, the evenings are still filled with golden and warm light. It is probably my favourite season to study in, because you can drink heaps of warm coffees and wear cosy clothing that makes studying easier. But on days like this, where the weather is still just a bit too warm to cosy up too much, this is my go-to outfit Continue reading “the one straight outta university”

the one when it’s autumn (or fall)

Autumn is now actually here and what better thing to do on a sunday than go for a walk in the forest. Soaked in gold and warm light, this day could have not been more beautiful and while I adore the hot weather, I also love to get cosy and wear my obsession: a good jumper.  Continue reading “the one when it’s autumn (or fall)”

the one in monaco

When in France…we had to go to Monaco for a day trip, which was sort of an anti-climax but had beaaaautiful backgrounds and spots to take pictures in…so that’s what I did. Don’t be fooled by  the all-black outfit: it is indeed shorts and a top and not one whole playsuit which is a shame but it certainly looked like one.  Continue reading “the one in monaco”

the one with the cathedral

We just came back from a wonderfully relaxing holiday but nonetheless I had to shoot a couple of outfits I wore while I was away. We went to Nice, by the French Riviera, were wandering around and suddenly stumbled upon one absolutely BEAUTIFUL building. Turns out it was the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Nice and I knew I had to take some pictures!  Continue reading “the one with the cathedral”

travelogue // canterbury & london

I spent the majority of last week in England. More specifically Canterbury and London. I went to visit my best friend and her boyfriend and it was brilliant. I’m homesick for England a LOT of the time, and just being there for these few days made me oh-so-happy. So much so, that I didn’t really bother taking too many pictures or being social media active. However, I can’t go anywhere without taking some pictures – so here we go  Continue reading “travelogue // canterbury & london”

the one with the lake shore

I have had a week off blogging. I went to visit my best friend in England and we had such a blast that my brain totally shut off and forgot all about social media – gotta love that! I am back though, and just yesterday after work we strolled along the lake with a coffee in hand. and this is what I wore.  Continue reading “the one with the lake shore”